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    We see the mobile future as an opportunity for transit agencies to grow and integrate with technology that consumers are demanding. Our system works with existing infrastructures to deliver a seamless experience for riders.
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    Now your customers can pay for parking with nothing more than the mobile phone in their pocket! Track lot usage and increase your sales. Our technology supports street parking, surface lots, and gated lots.
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    Support mobile tickets, coupons, and other offers at your business with SherpaTix. We provide an event and product management system that lets you easily set up an event or offer and watch as your customers buy from their device.
  • Inventory Management shown through TOMS


    Our Inspector App works with Android and iOS mobile devices, handheld barcode readers or contactless NFC readers.

    Contactless Integration

    Our platform is designed to integrate with multiple technologies and payment platforms and allows customers to pay via multiple PCI compliant payment options. Easily add money onto smart cards and effectively manage payments for tickets, events and more through mobile phones. Support for major credit cards.

  • Inventory Management shown through TOMSInventory Management shown through TOMS

    Smart Enforcement

    Increase efficiency by providing real-time data to parking managers when they need it. Our Inspector App gives detailed information for each individual parking spot including availability and expiration.


    Incentivize customers with specialized prices based on location and time using our Transaction Operations Management System (TOMS). Optimize your system using analytics to maximize efficiency and reduce redundancies. Our dynamic system reinvents the rules of parking system customization.

  • Inventory Management shown through TOMSInventory Management shown through TOMS

    Build Relationships

    Every interaction is an opportunity for relationship growth between your brand and the customer. Create trust by delivering content to users when they want it and offering relevant deals on event merchandise and food. Allow your customers to purchase everything they need for the event.

    Manage Outcomes

    With our TOMS you can easily create all the elements for your event. Design mobile tickets, set pricing and provides event details through one system. Using customer analysis in TOMS, manage sales, attendance and customer rewards.